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But I’m a 90’s Witch

A mix of all the songs which will forever remind me of LeakyCon Portland

Listen here

1. La Vie Boheme (Fandom Parody) - Anthony Rapp feat. LeakyCon Portland Special Guests || 2. Goodbye Raggedy Man - Kirstyn Hippe || 3.

HERE I AM ALIVE♫: So what now?


This is the part where Leakycon is over and I’m starting to realize it’s over( yes it takes me a few days) and I’m just like what now? Those few days are always the best days of my year. It’s only me second year going but it feels like I’ve always been going. Each year gets better than the last(…

Katherine, you literally put into words what I’ve been feeling.

I’ve never been able to describe how much Leaky means to me, or people don’t care enough to listen. LeakyCon lets me simply be me. I feel alive and welcomed and that’s truly why LeakyCon is home to me.

I remember when I was browsing the vendor room at LeakyCon they were playing Beauty and the Beat in the room.

Someone near me asked on of the vendors what was playing and they shrugged and said, “Um, I think it’s Starkid…”

Haha, not a bad guess

get ready for my LeakyCon posts you guys

LeakyCon is officially over and I’m so upset.

I have to wait a whole year again. It was amazing and I have so many stories and pictures. 

But for now I’m just going to wallow in my tears without my friends SINCE THEY ALREADY LEFT ME!